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*Imagine making a living out of what you really like and enjoy

*Imagine effortlessly creating videos everyone will love to watch.

*Imagine having raving fans clamouring for more of your videos, live presentations or wanting to buy your products or services



My name is Riken, I’m a magician, living and performing in Japan, I have thousands of subscribers in my both channels (Riken Magic and Riken’s Life)

Since I started vlogging good things started to happen, I’ve got many new gigs, met very interesting people and I’ve got invited to many crazy events, all thanks to my vlog

So, why Should I get
“Vlogging. B Smart About It”?

If you really want to learn how to make video blogs (vlogs) you are going to love this course.

These are some features of
“Vlogging. B Smart About It”


Easy to master

This course is easy to understand and you don’t need to be a cinematographer or a techie to create awesome vlogs

Start right away

Even if you don’t have a fancy camera you can start vlogging with your phone and make it look great

Save time

With all the tips and tricks for shooting, editing and planning, you’ll be creating new episodes for your vlog in no time


Even though you can create awesome vlogs with just your phone I’ll recommend the best and most practical gear for your vlogs

You’ll see how easy it is to…

Create new content
Upload every day if you want to
Save time while editing and shooting
Create interesting content

Get beautiful shots
Make dynamic videos
Make people watch your videos
Have fun while vlogging

Vlogging is a great way to connect with people.

Here’s the thing, if you are not vlogging yet, you should, as it’s so fun.

But listen – if you have a business and you are not creating content, then you are out of the game…

Just check this out!

There are thousands of people making a living just from creating and uploading videos to YouTube


of all the consumer traffic on the Internet goes to videos.


In only 2 years it’ll grow to 79%


 of customers are willing to buy a product after watching a video

But wait!

It’s not just uploading videos; they have to be AWESOME videos
and here you’ll understand how to create them

Over 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every MINUTE

Over 400 hours of video is being uploaded to YouTube EVERY MINUTE
If you want your videos to be viewed, they have to be awesome

Vlogging. B Smart About It
The ultimate course to create master pieces of vlogging.

This course will teach you the easy and best way to blog.
When you know how to vlog it is very  exciting.

You’ll see that ANYONE has the right personality to vlog and make it interesting, without changing who you are

See, I enjoy vlogging so much that I decided to share everything I know and make it simple. I created this course that teaches you step by step how to vlog, edit, shoot video and much more, so you can create interesting and fun vlogs everyone will love to see, and do it in the fastest way.



What’s included?

The 9 included modules will teach you step by step how to vlog like a boss.

Get it now and receive these FREE bonuses


Bonus 1
Create a persona

How to create a persona that everyone will love and the best part is that you don’t have to change who you are

Bonus 2
Make it Dynamic

Here you’ll know how to make your vlogs extremely dynamic and fun and what to do if you are not good at talking in front of the camera

Bonus 3
Shooting indoors

Maybe you want to make your vlog indoors, here I’ll teach you the details to do it the right way


With this course you’ll know…

How to choose a camera

How to shoot video

How to edit


How to create dynamic videos

What to do if you are not a good talker

And much more


Try “Vlogging. B Smart About It” 
for 30 days risk FREE

money back guaranteed

I’m 100% sure that you will love this course, making awesome vlogs while creating a fan base and growing your channel

But if for any reason you don’t like it. I’m offering a full 30-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee

100% satisfaction guaranteed with “Vlogging. B Smart About It”


See you on the inside!

– Riken

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